Q1. Where will I stay ?
A1. Accommodation varies from region to region. We have offered a range of hotels for clients to choose with fine rooms, variety of cuisine and a good location, to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible.

Q2. Will I be safe ?
A2. Indians are hospitable, friendly people. Also, during any transfers on your trip you will be met by our tour executive as well as our experienced driver during excursion whose primary concern is your safety and well being

Q3. What about food ?
A3. Indian cuisine is considered to be one of the finest and perhaps most distinctive cuisines in the World. Expect to eat well. Surely Indian food will definitely be one of the many highlights of your visit and you can embark upon your gastronomic adventures. If you are on a special diet, we will be happy to prealert the hotels where you would stay, to serve you accordingly.

Q4. How will I travel ?
A4. You will travel in private air-conditioned vehicles that vary in size depending on the number of people. On most of your trips we will be using modern cars when traveling as individuals. However for small groups we use 8-9 Seater Tempo Traveller, 15-18 Seater Mini Coach and upto 35 seater large coaches depending on group size, to make certain that you have ample space to move about and see the sights. You also have options to travel by air as well as by comfortable trains.

Q5. Where can I apply for an Indian Visa ?
A5. You are requested to get in touch with the nearest Indian Embassy/Commission who will guide you with formalities required.

Q6. Are there any India Tourist Offices near my home?
A6. The Government of India Tourist Offices are located all over the world for any information that you may require pertaining to India as a destination. You may get in touch with them for any queries you have prior to booking your holiday with us.

Q7. Why should we choose your company?
A7. We are one of the leading Tour Operators in India, recognized by Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India. We have our own large fleet of Deluxe Air-conditioned Cars and very strong networking of Associates all over India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Sri Lanka & Maldives. Due to our excellent relations with most of the Hotels, we receive very attractive special rates from all Hotels which at times are approximately 40 – 50% lower than their rack rates. Our post-tour reports of various satisfied tourists can be read in our website column “Post Tour Feedback Reports by Customers” which will give a brief idea of our services and reliability.

Q8. How long have you been in business and how many clients travel with you each year?
A8. During our more than 6 years of operation, we have become one of the leaders in India. Last year more than 5787 people travelled with us.

Q9. Do you include trip insurance?
A9. We advise you to arrange travel insurance in your own country.

Q10. Who will answer my calls and questions when I call you, both before and after I sign up & during my Travel?
A10. Before signing up, you can call our office and a responsible Manager will be communicating with you & as soon as you sign up your tour, the file will be assigned to one of our Senior Tour Executive and he will be directly responsible for your travelling. However your entire Tour will be personally monitored & supervised under the care of our Directors ( Mr.Vivek Rai Nanchahal / Mrs. Swati Nanchahal) whose telephone of both office as well as residence & Mobile is given to each client. You are most welcome to call our Directors 24 hours, 365 days. Further, you would also provided be with a list of our Associates Offices for all those cities wherever you are visiting. You can contact them any time during your travel for any assistance required.

Q11. Do you have age-based cutoffs?
A11. No, Some of the hardiest travellers in the World are in their 60s or 70s.

Q12. How do I pay for my trip and what are the cancellation policies?
A12. a) You can now simply pay to us even by Credit Cards like Visa/Master / Diners / American Express upon arrival in India.
b) As a general policy no cancellation charges are levied in case we receive minimum 4 weeks notice.
c) Actual cancellation charges are levied cases only where we prepay hotel advances and buy Domestic Air & Train Tickets provide cancellation are levied by hotels, Indian Railways and Domestic Airlines.

Q13. Why can’t I do these trips on my own and (presumably) save money?
A13. One can often do our tours on his own, if he has large quantities of time, patience, money and willing to forego some safety measures. Time: Rustling up a permit to cross a border, finding suitable transport or buying air/rail tickets from local agents etc or directly from offices of Indian Railways or respective Domestic Airlines or directly from offices of Indian Railways or respective Domestic airline.Patience: One should have time to burn but, as seasoned travellers know, it can take hours and days of waiting in line, dealing with bureaucrats and triplicate forms, trying to get a taxi to the third office in a row that will send you to the fourth or standing in queues to buy Train Tickets / Domestic Air Tickets .

Q14. Can I book only the accommodation since I am coming on business?
A14. If you are only looking at accommodation options and not a full fledged tour or a holiday, then you may click on ’Book a Hotel’ and we have some exciting deals worked out with various hotels. Depending on your allowance you can choose City Stopovers and Beach Stays. Still if you feel that the hotel or the accommodations you want are not listed on the site, then simply send us a mail at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to get back to you at once with relevant details.

Q15. How do I create a custom made itinerary ?
A15. There are many convenient and powerful ways for you to create a custom tour for yourself. If you are not an Indian Sub-Continent expert and you want to create a tour, a just outline a rough sketch of the Tour from Your Interests. Once you have done that you can send us the request to redesign with our expertise and keeping in view the possible routings etc. And you can also fill-in the details of your sighted request from our website by filling in the Online Booking Form which will initially ask you a few simple questions which focus on your interests and travel needs, and will then automatically create your tour with our Product Development Teams inputs! It is that simple to book a tour or services with Jay Ess World Travels!

Q16. Will Jayess help me with my internal air arrangements?
A16. Jay Ess World Travels can assist you in your internal air tickets arrangements as part of your tour package. If you require any information on domestic airlines fares or schedule of operations you can contact directly to us.

Q17. What if I want to go somewhere that is not currently listed as a city or attraction?
A17. We are always interested in expanding our information base to provide the most comprehensive destination expertise and service to our clients. Please create your tour and send us a note on any particulars on the unlisted item. Our Product Development Team will get back to you with suggestions on arrangements within 48 hours business days.

Q18. What if I don’t want a tour, and I am only interested in hotel and transportation?
A18. Jay Ess World Travels is a full-service destination management company, dedicated to delivering total travel experiences. Typically, we do handle part arrangements of tours too. However, tell us what your specific needs are via email, and we will surely accommodate any of your specific enquiry. Our Website has featured various Hotels in Indian Sub-Continent whose URL is http://www.jayessworldtravels.com

Q19. What kind of lodging can I expect?
A19. Jay Ess World Travels offers a wide range of luxury and value hotels for you to choose from. We recommend select hotels based on standards, amenities and ambience. For example, in some cities in India, you will stay at hotels that are erstwhile Palaces of Maharajas. They re-create the atmosphere of yester years by their opulence and ambiance that heighten what is meant to be a royal experience. In National Parks, you will stay at game lodges, smaller hotel and tented camps, which will be provided with basic necessary amenities. All taxes and services charges levied by the hotel are included in your tour cost.

Q20. How many meals would be provided with this tour?
A20. Our tours feature sumptuous breakfast as part of your package. Additional meals, as well as bottled waters and soft drinks are available as options on our tours. We also offer you suggestions on restaurants in various cities that feature delicious foods.

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