Galaxy India Travels.
India’s most personalized and prompt in communication, inbound tour operator, Galaxy India Travels was established in 2012 handling tourists from all over the world.

All these years has earned us the goodwill and reputation of not having lost any single account of world’s leading wholesalers and retailers and continuously serving their valued clients year after year. This endorsement of our professionalism by travel industry leaders has had a salutary effect on business growth and expansion.

Why Galaxy India Travels
We are committed to foreign travel as a means of enriching one’s knowledge and understanding of the world around us. There is simply no substitute for travel to broaden our view, enrich our culture, and stimulate our mind. We understand this at Jay Ess World Travels we make this all possible on our tours. Join us, let us make it happen for you.

The India Experts
We continue to research places and events to make our tours more exciting and interesting. India is such a challenge and our success there has earned us worldwide the reputation : the India Experts.

Integrity in Tourism
Galaxy India Travels, is dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards in the travel industry. This dedication is formalized by our membership to the following international and national organizations :

Incoming Tours
As one of the leading operators, Galaxy India Travels offers host of travel services to the foreign tourists visiting India.

Attractive and carefully planned tours of the Indian sub-continent for both groups and individuals – are prepared and executed meticulously with professional and personalized service. They include all facilities based on choice of hotel accommodation, excellent cuisine, well informed guides and escorts, air, train and surface transportation.

Direct fax, e-mail and internet links will all its Indian & overseas associates also help us to maintain a rapid two-way communication, very essential in the travel industry.

Galaxy India Travels


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